Chris Zappala
UX Designer

Grader App

Designing a learning management system


The Challenge

As a personal project, I took on the following challenge. Teachers have many responsibilities and too little time in a day to get things done. They create lesson plans, teach classes, grade assignments, and need to be available to support students individually. How do you help them get things done more efficiently? How can they spend less time on administrative tasks? 


I surveyed a number of teachers about their work experiences. I identified some common concerns:

  • They have limited time to provide enough feedback

  • They worry about missing opportunities to engage with students

  • They want to connect with students who miss due dates or are struggling

  • Grading is one of the most time consuming parts of their day

Project Goals

A grading web app where teachers can efficiently:

  • Create assignments and quizzes

  • Grade assignments and quizzes

  • View which students are missing assignments

  • Message students

Information Architecture

I did multiple explorations. Then narrowed my ideas down to the strongest sets of wireframes.

Dashboard options

Building and editing an assignment

Visual Design