There were a few key goals identified for the CardTapp website redesign. CardTapp was selling different mobile app templates under different brands on separate but nearly identical company websites (MortgageMapp for the mortgage industry, Insurancetapp for the insurance industry, etc.). This new website featured a solutions section that showcased app templates by industry. The second goal was to offer an enterprise package and target businesses. Prior to the redesign, the focus was on individual customers. This was accomplished by offering a product package for individuals and a product package for businesses. Finally, new branding and a fresh visual look were needed to appeal to the B2B market.

With these goals in mind, I restructured and designed the new company website. I worked closely with leadership in marketing and with the product team.

The new CardTapp home page


Approaching this app redesign, I gathered feedback from sales, customer success, leadership, and users. I learned that the app's visual design needed to be refreshed. In addition, there was also room for improvement in the share process, registration pages, and calculators.

CardTapp Mobile App

A major feature for lead generation and referrals, the mobile app's ability to share via text message provided an opportunity to leverage customer feedback and improve usability.

The initial share screen contained fields for name, phone number, email, and notes. Users sharing the app thought the notes would be sent to the person they were sharing the app with. However, the notes were intended for the app owner.

By moving the notes field to a new screen, it reduced confusion and increased the relevance and quality of notes. Additionally, a screen was added informing people that text messaging would be launched, and a thank you screen was added after notes were added. This resulted in a better experience for the user and the app owner.

Calculators serve a dual purpose. They allow end users to contemplate a purchase, and their use is an indicator to members that a potential lead may be ready to buy.

For this feature, improving the ease of use was important. The old calculator relied soled on manually inputting numbers. Adding sliders allows users to more efficiently make calcualtions. Also, the previous version didn't afford the user a way to save their calculations. The ability to email calculations allows a user to both save their work and share it with others. Sharing a calculation is particularly useful in the instance where two people are considering a large purchase, such as buying a home.


When approaching a project it's important to understand user needs. These users are primarily concerned with missed opportunities for sales. Providing them with current usage and trend information helps them close deals they might have missed. This portal is where members go to view usage data, update user records, and make edits to their personal app.

Build/Edit section (left), Buttons section (right)

The dashboard was added as a starting point to give members a quick snapshot of importnat information. The dashboard gives members an understanding of usage trends, who is using their app, who has been recently referred, and what areas of their app are most valued. From there, members can dive deeper into reports, view or update user records.

Dashboard (left), Reports (right)

User records are where members go to learn more about a particular sales lead. They needed to be a robust, full page display of useful information. The user records allow members to set status, add the company website, make a note, view usage data, and attach a photo.

User record - info tab (left), User record - user activity tab (right)