CardTapp is SaaS company offering personally branded mobile apps. The app acts as a digital business card allowing users to contact the member directly, view their services, generate referrals and track leads.

Working with leadership, I designed the website, refreshed the design of the mobile app and created new features. Additionally, I updated the design of the member dashboard. The result is a sleek, modern brand and enhanced user experience.

CardTapp Website

CardTapp Mobile App


A major feature for lead generation and referrals, the mobile app's ability to share via text message provided an opportunity to leverage customer feedback and improve usability.

The initial share screen contained fields for name, phone number, email, and notes. Users sharing the app thought the notes would be sent to the person they were sharing the app with. However, the notes were intended for the app owner.

By moving the notes field to a new screen, it reduced confusion and increased the relevance and quality of notes. Additionally, a screen was added informing people that text messaging would be launched, and a thank you screen was added after notes were added. This resulted in a better experience for the user and the app owner.

CardTapp Member Dashboard